The Forbidden Fruit: How Do Companies Sell Hazardous Products?

McDonald’s: Bear Hungry?

In Foods on February 26, 2011 at 17:26

How does McDonald’s use fuzzy bears to sell greasy foods?
(image © McDonalds)

This commercial is one of the latest TV commercials of McDonalds in the United States in 2011. The commercial is a ‘general’ commercial of McDonald’s, it is ‘general’ due to the fact that there is no specific promotion of a particular or single product of the McDonalds fast food corporation. Namely, the commercial is a general promotion of the fast food corporation.

Since we are reviewing advertisements of hazardous products or companies selling hazardous products, we would first like to motivate our choice for choosing a McDonalds’ commercial.

McDonalds is well known for selling fast food products that contain many calories. Eating many calories per day could finally lead to obesity or other diseases, which is hazard to human beings. With this we do not mean that one meal at McDonalds would be hazardous for human beings, but rather if you visit the McDonalds very regular it could lead to obesity or any other similar diseases. By reviewing this commercial, we would like to analyze if McDonalds also approaches the hazardousness of its products.

This commercial shows how the son of a big bear comes home from school with a perfect report card,  he only scored A’s. Due to this perfect report card, the father wants to reward his son by having a McDonald’s meal. Father bear and his son are not visiting an actual McDonalds, but visit people in a car who are having a McDonald’s meal. By arriving the car, the people in this car are freaked out by the bears and run away. Afterwards the bears are eating the McDonalds meal that is left behind by the people in the car. When they finished their meal, the father picks up the car and the last fry left falls out of the car and is eaten by the son.

In this commercial, a visit to McDonalds is seen as a reward, due to the good results of the report. Namely the father wants to reward his son for the perfect results he obtained in school. So in this way, McDonalds is not as something to be visited every day, but a visit to the McDonalds should be seen as something special and not as something regular or an everyday habitat. This facet, could be seen as a way how McDonalds approaches its hazardousness of its products. Namely, by viewing a visit to McDonalds not as an everyday habitat, but as something to visit for special occasions. Another aspect came across is that the son of father bear is thought how to live life. This is visible when the father is rewarding his son by taking him to McDonalds after he obtained good school results. Furthermore, he teaches his own experiences by telling his son that there is always an extra fry at the bottom. So to conclude, two important principles are emphasized during this commercial, one is that when you did something good a reward is important for children to stimulate them. The other principle that is emphasized, is that a visit to McDonalds should not become a regular or daily habit but it should be seen as something special.

  1. Well written, I agree with you.

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