The Forbidden Fruit: How Do Companies Sell Hazardous Products?

Having debts can be fun as well!..?

In Financial on March 14, 2011 at 16:41

Easy mortgage at Ameriquest, anyone interested?
(image © Ameriquest)

Ameriquest sells mortgages, among other loans, with the motto “Don’t judge too quickly – We won’t”, referring to the difficulties people have been having with getting mortgages. The following commercial is one of many commercials in which Ameriquest uses their slogan throughout a series of unrelated situations to promote their mortgages.

We all know that a mortgage is basically a loan; you will have to pay interest over time. With the crisis in the housemarket as a result of the financial crisis that the world has been suffering from, it is very difficult to get a mortgage for a house. By stating that they do not judge quickly, Ameriquest basically infers that it is not that difficult to get a mortgage with them.

Whole families can be influenced in their decision to get a mortgage for a new house instead of staying where they are now, or renting for a while until the market gets better, and will get major debts from getting a mortgage in a time where their financial situation can hardly ever be considered safe.

Along with their easy mortgages, Ameriquest offers their customers the opportunity to lend money to pay off other debts. Yes, indeed, they lend people money – with interest of course – so they can pay off the debts they had at other places. That is not solving problems, but just moving them.

Interestingly, also this hazardous product is promoted through humor. The situation displayed in the hospital is clearly unrelated to any kind of loans, debts, mortgages or other financial topics. Basically, Ameriquest is not promoting their product itself at all, however they use the fun of the situation to promote their hazardous mortgages in a time where it might have been safer and smarter to wait for an improved market…


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