The Forbidden Fruit: How Do Companies Sell Hazardous Products?

Do wiiiings let you fly?

In Drinks on March 15, 2011 at 09:46

Put your energy to a use; Red Bull’s approach
(image © Red Bull)

We probably all know Red Bull’s cartoon commercials and their slogan: “Red Bull gives you wiiiings!”, as they have been around for quite some time. What we want to know is, how does the company sell this energy drink that ruins your dentist’s mood? The following commercial is one of Red Bull’s newest.

The cartoonification of  the advertisement, creates the idea of a certain playfulness, youth, strength and fit-ness of the individual consuming Red Bull. This particular advertisement even indicates that if women were to be consuming Red Bull they could become stronger than men; clearly seen through the Zebra portraying the female “lead” who drinks a can of Red Bull and gets attacked by the Alligator. She get’s away real easy as if nothing happened.

Here’s a list of the possible damages to the risk following the consumption of Red Bull: cardiovascular diseases, blood cloths, increased heart rates and blood pressure.

Despite these serious health risks, Red Bull GmbH has sold impressive amounts of death cans in 2010 worth 4.2 billion euros. The Red Bull brand is vested in many branches (racing teams, music industry) and use a very intensive form of promotion. The Red Bull commercials however, are simple and humorous, and quite successful.

The commercials have limited amounts of dialogues/ monologues and only a voice-over in the end saying “Red Bull gives you wings!”

Simplicity, used in the right context, can thus be a very successful tool in selling your product.


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